We have been the leader in home security for over 13 years. Our response time to emergencies is unrivaled, and our technology is always improving. We believe that our customers deserve the best. Therefore, we have begun to connect our alarm systems with the technology that runs your home. You can lock and unlock your doors. You can adjust the thermostat and turn off the lights. You can even arm your alarm system through your smart phone. This is Home Automation.


Touchscreen Panel

touchscreen panel

Our touchscreen panel is the hub of Home Automation. It can be controlled remotely and comes with two-way voice.

Secondary Touchscreen Panel

secondary touchscreen panel

Take control of almost all capabilities of the primary touchscreen panel from a different location of your home.

Wireless Keypad

wireless keypad

Schedule your thermostat setting or remotely control them from a smartphone or internet connection.

Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat

Schedule your thermostat setting or remotely control them from a smartphone or internet connection.

Fixed Video Camera

fixed video camera

Watch real-time videos or recorded clips of your home from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Pan and Tilt Video Camera

pan and tilt video camera

View an entire area of your home with our pan and tilt video camera. It defines home antomation.

Motion Detector

motion detector

Our Motion Detector has a 90 degree lookdown that uses the latest in infrare technology.

Glass-Break Detector

glass-break detector

Our Glassbreak Detetor has a 360 degree horizontal sensing angle and is tamper proof.

Smoke Alarm

smoke alarm

Our smoke alarm detects smoke as well as drastic increases in heat.

Lighting and Small Appliance Control

lighting and small appliance control

With our appliance control module, you can control any home appliance you like.

Door and Window Sensors

door and window sensors

When placed on a door or a window, our sensors let you know as soon as one of them opens.

Key Fob

key fob

Arm or disarm your system remotely. You can even contact the monitoring station without being in your home.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide can be detected early, and you will be immediately notified by our 24 hour monitoring station.

Electronic Door Lock

electronic door lock

Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere in the world. Electronic door locks communicate with the touchscreen panel.

Medical Pendant

medical pendant

This pendant signals an emer-gency by the pushing of a button. It's one of the smallest in the industry.